What’s Wrong With My Smile: A Patient’s Account

My smile has always made me feel self-conscious about how I look. I tried whitening my teeth to feel more confident about my smile, but I realized that it was the crowding and overbite that makes me dislike it. I constantly wipe off the lipstick stuck on my teeth due to the crowding of my top teeth and because of that I only wear light colors or no lipstick at all. When I saw pictures and videos of me, I thought it was my nose that made me dislike my side profile but really, it’s the overbite that’s the issue. I considered getting veneers but after more research, I knew I was not looking for such an aggressive approach to get this issue resolved.Then I considered getting braces, but as a 26-year-old, I really didn’t want metal braces in my mouth for two years. That would just make me feel even more embarrassed. But then my friend started talking about Invisalign. I thought that it was more expensive than traditional metal braces, but she informed me that at Bucks Mont Orthodontics it’s the same price. After hearing that news, I scheduled an orthodontic consultation with her orthodontist. During the initial visit, the team at Bucks Mont Orthodontics did a complete smile and face assessment with their digital scanner and photos. They helped me figure out exactly what I didn’t like about my smile and reviewed the difference options available to me to improve it. Dr. Patel allowed me to see a simulation of how my teeth will look after treatment, which really got me excited. I’m tired of hiding my teeth when I smile and feeling self-conscious about one of the most important features of my face. It’s time for me to get started and make this change for myself.