Types Of Braces: Metal, Ceramic, And Invisalign

At Bucks Mont Orthodontics in Warrington, PA, we strive to offer the widest possible variety of treatments to our patients. You can be sure that you’ll find a treatment option that fits your or your child’s dental needs, preferences, and lifestyle. When it comes to orthodontic treatment at Bucks Mont Orthodontics, you can choose between metal braces, ceramic braces, or clear aligners (Invisalign).

Metal Braces:

Even though traditional metal braces have been around for a long time, they are far from outdated. They are more comfortable and effective than ever before. At Bucks Mont Orthodontics, Dr.Patel uses low profile braces, which are smaller than normal and less irritating to the gum tissue and cheeks.

Metal braces use stainless-steel brackets and wires to apply pressure to each individual tooth, gradually guiding your teeth into a healthy alignment and giving you a perfect, gorgeous smile. In addition, rubber elastics connect the upper and lower braces helping to correct the alignment of your teeth and jaw. This is where you can add your personalized touch and express your creativity by choosing different colored elastics at each visit!

Ceramic (Clear) Braces:

If you would prefer your braces to be less prominent, ceramic or clear braces might be a great option for you. The use of ceramic material allows the brackets to be clear or matched to the natural color of your teeth. Ceramic braces are slightly larger and more brittle than metal braces. They can accomplish anything traditional metal braces can do and be less noticeable. For teens and adults, they deliver excellent results.

Sometimes it is not possible to have the ceramic braces on both the top and bottom teeth. In these cases, Dr. Patel and the team at Bucks Mont Orthodontics can do a combination approach where ceramic braces are used on the top teeth and metal braces are used on the bottom teeth.

Clear Aligners (Invisalign):

For those who want a truly invisible solution, clear aligners are the way to go. Customized removable plastic trays are used for your top and bottom teeth to straighten your smile. The trays are removed for eating, brushing, and flossing, meaning that they will not impact your daily activities as deeply as braces may. Using removable aligners does require some self-control – if you don’t wear them for 20-22 hours a day, for example, they can’t do their job – but they offer amazing results when used correctly. Another perk of clear aligners is that appointments are quick and less frequent!

Clear aligners can do almost anything their metal and ceramic counterparts can do.

To review these options and to determine which type of braces are best for you or your child, contact the smile experts at Bucks Mont Orthodontics, proudly serving Warrington, Warminster, Chalfont, Doylestown, Jamison, Horsham, and the neighboring communities. Call 215-398-0794 for your complimentary consultation!