Alternatives To Metal Braces

Ceramic & Clear Braces

While metal braces are very effective, many teens and older adults who are considering orthodontic correction feel that this traditional treatment detracts from the beauty of your smile while they are worn. If you are interested in more subtle options for correction, ceramic or clear braces may be right for you. These options give you the ability to improve your smile using tooth-colored or clear brackets, so you’ll remain confident throughout your entire treatment.

Subtle Orthodontic Treatment

Benefits of Clear & Ceramic Braces

The main benefits of ceramic or clear braces are cosmetic. Unlike metal braces, clear or ceramic braces blend in with your natural teeth, making your braces appear less obvious. In turn, this can boost your self-esteem and make you feel better about your orthodontic treatment. Adult patients, in particular, tend to prefer clear or ceramic braces for this reason. Some patients also say that clear and ceramic braces are more comfortable, and that the ceramic brackets used do not irritate their lips or cheeks as much.

How Ceramic Braces Move Your Teeth

Understanding the Basics

Once your ceramic braces have been applied, they will exert gentle pressure on your teeth, encouraging them to move into the proper position. The roots of your teeth will press against the “alveolar bone” in your jaw. Over time, the pressure will cause this bone to dissolve, allowing your teeth to move in the correct direction. As this happens, new bone will form in the gap left behind by your tooth, ensuring that it remains in the proper position.

The Placement Process

What To Expect

The process of placing a set of clear or ceramic braces is virtually identical to placing traditional metal braces. First, Dr. Patel cleans your teeth, and a clear or tooth-colored ceramic bracket will be bonded onto each of them. Next, a metal archwire will be run through these brackets and secured in place with rubber ligatures. Finally, your braces will be adjusted based on Dr. Patel’s treatment plan, and you’ll be sent home. You may feel an uncomfortable pressure for the first few days, but this should diminish over time as your teeth begin to shift.

The Basics Of Tooth-Colored Braces

Ceramic Braces vs. Metal Braces

Ceramic braces are made out of a special ceramic material that matches the color of your teeth. When combined with a coated metal archwire and transparent ligatures, ceramic braces are nearly invisible. Ceramic braces are a bit more delicate than metal braces, and they cannot handle the same amount of pressure. The ceramic material is also more porous, which makes them prone to staining. For these reasons, it is important to commit to taking proper care of your ceramic or clear braces and keep up with a proper oral hygiene routine throughout your treatment.

Treatment Timeline

How Long is Treatment with Clear Braces?

The length of your treatment is highly dependent on the specifics of your case. In some cases, ceramic braces may take longer than treatment with metal braces because they cannot exert as much force on your teeth. For patients who do not have severe jaw or bite issues, the length of treatment with ceramic braces may be identical to treatment times with traditional metal braces. For more information, we recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Patel to discuss your unique needs.

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