Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatments In Warrington

Early Orthodontic Intervention

Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatments

A two-phase treatment refers to a multi-step orthodontic procedure that is started at an early age and completed once your child’s permanent teeth have grown in. This type of treatment is often required for children who have serious orthodontic problems, like malocclusion, impacted teeth, extreme crowding, or major bite issues. Early orthodontic treatment allows Dr. Patel to adjust your child’s bite and jaw structure before their permanent teeth grow in and minimizes the need for surgical intervention.

Correcting Jaw And Bone Structure

Phase One

The first phase of treatment usually begins between ages 7-11, and it focuses on issues related to the jaw and underlying bone. If your child has excessively crowded teeth due to a small jaw, for example, a palate expander may be used to help encourage growth. Correcting these issues early encourages the proper growth and development of your child’s mouth, and gives permanent teeth enough room to grow in. Once any issues have been addressed, your child will wait through a “resting period” while their remaining permanent teeth erupt.

Orthodontic Correction

Phase Two

Once all of your child’s permanent teeth are in place, which typically occurs between the ages of 11-13, the second phase will begin. Usually this involves the use of a full set of braces. Braces are used to move adult teeth into proper position and ensure perfect dental alignment. Your child will likely need to wear braces for approximately 18-24 months to ensure the correct positioning of their teeth and wear a retainer after treatment to keep their smile straight and healthy.

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"My daughter and I are both patients of Dr. Patel. He is caring, compassionate and extremely detail oriented.  He takes the time to answer questions, I never felt like I was being rushed in and out.  He always put me and my daughter at ease.  Dr. Patel  is a devoted professional who makes his patients feel important each and every time they are in his office."

"My boys always look forward to seeing Dr. Patel and his warm and friendly staff. Dr. Patel is highly knowledgeable and highly compassionate when it comes to caring for my boys. His approach is practical and we appreciate how he clearly and simply lays out the options and helps us understand how to make the best choices for them."

"I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Patel! He is not only caring towards his patients and staff, but he takes his time in explaining what the best treatment options would be. I have already recommended to family and friends to go to Bucks Mont Orthodontics to see Dr. Patel for a consult! He is a genuine doctor and cares about his patients. I have had nothing but great experiences! Thank you Dr. Patel for being a great person as well a great orthodontist!"

"Not only does Dr. Patel do amazing work, but he is compassionate towards all of his patients! I cannot say enough good things about his practice, his staff, and his office. They make you feel so special when you walk through the door. Highly recommend!!!!"

"Dr. Patel is such a great professional. He knows very well what he does with your teeth and he has the ability to build full confidence from his patients. My son enjoys going to his appointments. Kudos, Dr. Patel!"

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